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Hey itchios /ludum dares

Our first game KRAKOOGLE is now up. We dont think that we sleep enough or breath enough but hey it was awsome. This game is about a file kraken that needs more files to get points (some bugs happend at the Kraken (rigging does not work)) IN 4 Minutes you have to get the most poinst. You are a Kraken that works for Google you just collect files and save them and see them. You will find out by your own.

ABout us: We are two young german teenagers (15/16).I am Kai and the person right next to me is Nils. This is our first game ever. It was the first time at ludum dare and we kind of did it. This Game is made with (Blender, Unity, Sonic Pi).

W- you destroy the UP cubes from the UP assembly line

T- you destroy the LEFT cubes from the LEFT assembly line

R- you destroy the DOWN cubes from the DOWN assembly line

E- you destroy the RIGHT cubes from the RIGHT assembly line

Destroy the cubes when they are in the red "Thing " at the end of assembly line. Then just press the Keys for the right assembly line

Enjoy our Game KRAKOOGLE

the soundtrack stops after the first run so when you want heres the soundtrack

Install instructions

first start it and then after that there will be a folder than it will work.



Krakoogle 14 MB
Krakoogle 16 MB
Krakoogle 16 MB

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