1.7 release (I would almost call it 2.0)

WOW Version 1.7 is out now here and later at the marketplace. There is no video yet but the demo is already updated and you can try it out. 

€ Due to this update being a lot of work I am raising the price tag. I hope it wont change your mind about buying this kit or me.  €

All blueprints have been touched and reworked. There are a lot more variables now to customize and everything is just more cleaner

Here is the change log:

  • Better Blueprints (more organized, more optimized, cleaner and more functional)
  • More Variables (fewer magic numbers and easier to customize)
  • Better Inspect system (rotation not dependent from object (Up on the mouse means Up however the object is rotated))
  • Better Key System (you can have now many different keys)
  • Door Key Consume BP is now unnecessary so it got deleted
  • UI for taking a Key
  • Better Read System (endless Pages to set up)
  • Detects Gamepad or keyboard input (and sets Ui for it)
  • Fixed some bugs
  • A system to bring the object closer to the body if colliding 

If you got feedback then simply reply somewhere here


FPExplorerKit v1.7 for 4.21 UE4 10 MB
Nov 18, 2018
Demo Game 144 MB
Nov 18, 2018

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