A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Welcome to the sublime library, where we archive human thoughts that ended a long time ago.

Please note: all ideas presented in this game should form a basis for debate and are not facts.

based on ARCHIVER the fictional famicase by Alec Whitmore for My Famicase Exhibition 2021 at METEOR in Tokyo. Made for the #AGBIC Jam


  • move the mouse -> to look around
  • WASD to move + to interact


ARCHIVER windows 24 MB
ARCHIVER linux 14 MB

Install instructions

(an options' menu is missing, hopefully it still works for you) otherwise please tell me what setting you would need. 

windows might show you that there is a security risk involved... Click on more information and then a new button will show up. I build games not viruses :)

Development log


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Well done! Evocative atmosphere really highlight the readings. 

(2 edits) (+1)

Spawned in the floor of this room and couldn't move. :( Cool aesthetics though. 


it's fixed! Thanks for playing and telling me this :)

Thanks, happy to be able to go back and finish!


Np I hope you enjoy the last level ;)

Kai, this is such a cool experience!! You captured the essence of the cart you chose big time. Besides the general design being bonkers amazing I really enjoyed operating the lil archivist and the way the music just builds and crests as you move through the archive is great.


Thank you for all these compliments! Glad you enjoyed it